Wood Pellets

The recently launched Wood Pellets Futures complement EEX Group’s existing product portfolio of energy-related, globally traded commodities – allowing market participants an effective price hedging tool with financially settled futures. Quoted in US dollars, the product offers access to a wide range of existing EEX market participants, from utilities and producers to traders.

Contract Specifications

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONWood Pellets cif NWE (Argus) Futures
UNDERLYINGThe Argus cif northwest Europe (NWE) monthly price index for wood pellets during the respective maturity month as published by Argus in the “Argus Biomass Markets” usually on the last Wednesday of each month or the penultimate Wednesday in December, respectively (Index). The Index is the arithmetic average of all weekly price assessments for the Argus wood pellet cif Northwest Europe (NWE) index* of the respective month for industrial Wood Pellets delivered within the next 90 days.
CONTRACT SERIESUp to 36 consecutive months
CONTRACT VOLUME100 metric tons (MT)
0.01 USD per MT
TRADING HOURSTrading hours for the registration of Wood Pellets cif NWE (Argus) Futures are between 8:00am and 6:00pm CET. All members admitted at EEX and approved by ECC to trade will be able to start trading in the new product (via an A01a form).
By central clearing house ECC