Global Commodities

"Through our Global Commodities portfolio and globally deployed exchanges we are able to meet the needs of our clients to access the benefits of one clearing house, ECC, from various different regulatory jurisdictions and across a portfolio of products."

Richard Heath, EEX Business Development

Supporting our customers on a global level

Commodity markets are global in character and interconnected both intra-regionally and within supply chains. The nature of the global commodities trade means that organisations with exposure to these markets are generally active in a large number of products rather than focusing on a single asset class. Today, these organisations no longer want exchanges to specialise in a single product set but rather they favour a much broader range of trading possibilities in a single marketplace.

EEX Group launched our Global Commodities business in 2014 to support and enable our customers to trade and clear a broader portfolio of products from a global perspective via both EEX and our Singaporean arm, EEX Asia.

#eexpert Richard Heath outlines the Global Commodities portfolio

EEX Group’s Global Commodities portfolio offers futures and options for freight and a range of bulk commodities, all cleared via ECC.

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EEX Group – Global Commodities portfolio

Through the Global Commodities portfolio, EEX Group is able to offer our customers a greater level of trading possibilities as well as enabling more efficient risk management at a corporate level.

EEX Asia – EEX Group’s Global Commodities arm in Asia

EEX Asia is a regulated futures exchange based in Singapore and is a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, EEX Asia is the home of its global commodities business and the group’s exchange in the region.

Why trade at EEX Group?

  • A broad and diversified network of global trading participants
  • Access to trading in various market areas as well as products and services along the value chain
  • Exchange trading and Trade Registration services on a regulated and transparent market
  • Elimination of counterparty risk through clearing and settlement of transactions. Consolidation of clearing in one central clearing house each for the European and US market provides cross-margining benefits.
  • Market access via various front-ends and major Independent Software Vendor solutions
  • Offices in 16 worldwide locations ensuring optimal support for customers on site