EEX aims to establish a transparent, secure and non-discriminatory European market platform for Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). The following derivative products are available for trading:

Type of certificate

Guarantees of Origin according to European Energy Certificate System (EECS)


  • Nordic Hydro (NO, SE, FI, DK)
  • Alpine Hydro (CH, AT, DE)
  • Central Northern European Wind (DE, DK, NL, BE)

Trading hours

Continuous trading Thursdays
1:00pm - 4:00pm (CET)

Trade Registration on every exchange trading day
8:00am - 6:00pm (CET)

Age of GoO upon delivery

  • The production period must have been within the 11 months before delivery.
  • Differentiation between current and previous calendar years

Expiries for derivatives

Two expiries per year:

  • March 
  • December

National support for renewable energy sources

No national support possible for hydro energy; national support may be granted in the case of wind GoOs

Age of production facility

Not relevant

Minimal contract size

1,000 MWh (1,000 GoOs)

Mode of trading   

Continuous trading with limited opening hours


As soon as possible to the buyer’s account, not coupled with the physical delivery of the electricity

The EEX GoO Derivatives will be available for trading up to three years before delivery. At the time of trading, the underlying GoOs do not have to be booked on the ECC settlement account. At the time of the future´s expiry GoOs must be booked at the ECC registry account. ECC will provide more details on the settlement process shortly before the futures expiry.

For further details, please download the EEX contract specifications.