Emissions Products Overview

In our emissions secondary market, we offer spot and derivatives trading of EU ETS allowances (EUA, EUAA) and Kyoto credits (CER), as well as related spreads.

EUA Contract Specifications

  • EEX EUA Spot

  • EEX EUA Future

  • EEX EUA Option

CER Contract Specifications

  • EEX CER Spot

  • EEX CER Future

EUAA Contract Specifications

  • EEX EUAA Spot

  • EUAA Futures Product

Looking for emissions contract specifications at a glance? Download the pdf for:

> EUA Products

> CER and EUAA Products

> Do you have any questions on option expiry? Please download our EUA Options Expiry FAQ in PDF format.

Do you need more information on emissions clearing?

Expiry & Delivery Details

Looking for contract expiry and delivery details? Please find more details on ECC’s website at
www.ecc.de > Member Section > Product Specification Files

Margin Rates

All margin rates can be found on ECC’s website at
www.ecc.de > Risk management > Reports & Files > Margin Parameter Files

Delivery Process

Read more on the delivery process at
www.ecc.de > Operations > Physical Settlement > Emission Rights Process

Clearing Members

All clearing members are listed at
www.ecc.de > About ECC > Partners & Products > Clearing Members

IncubEx Cooperation

In August 2017, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and IncubEx announced a partnership to build and improve liquidity in environmental and other related contracts. In this framework, the partners are increasing the number of active participants at the exchange and are creating a global trading network. The cooperation involves existing environmental products and continuously extends and improves the offering to clients