"EEX is the leading auction platform for emission allowances within EU ETS. In addition, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio on the secondary market and an optimised, free delivery process."

Christian Fleischer, Senior Sales Manager

Emissions Trading at a Glance  

EEX has offered trading of emission allowances since 2005. It runs a liquid secondary market, including spot, futures and options contracts for continuous trading of EU ETS allowances (EUA, EUAA) and Kyoto credits (CER).

EEX is the leading platform for primary emission allowance auctions on behalf of the European Commission and 25 EU member states as well as Germany and Poland, which are held on up to five days per week.

Advantages of trading emission allowances on EEX

Markets & products

Access to Europe’s leading auction platform  
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Most liquid power market in Europe, closely tied to emissions
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ParticipantsStrong client base, including utilities, industrial and financial players
Price qualityTight bid/offer spread ensured by several market makers in all our markets
Market access

Multiple connectivity solutions, EEX TT Screen and all major ISVs supported (Trayport, Fidessa, FFastfill)

State-of-the-art trading screen with sophisticated trading functionalities
STPEfficient trade registration process
MarginingReduced margin requirements due to acceptance of EUAs as collateral and cross-margining
Customer SupportCustomer support on site due to our global sales team