Trading Fees

Combined trading and clearing fee, € per ktCO2

Standard fee - Valid for EUA, EUAA, CER traded or registered on EEX
Any market3
  •   Spot, futures and spread leg fee before rebates
  •   Future leg is free (future leg of spot-future spreads)
One leg of Spot/Future spread0
Special programs
Daily Spot Credit0.50*No EEX futures fee up to the spot volumes (primary & seconday)
Delivery fee0Free delivery for spot deals and expired futures
Newly Active Clients Program0.50**For any sec. derivatives market volume up to one year
DMA / OR / DEA clientsRebates available Please contact us on
Options programs
Standard fee2.50
  •  Low flat fee for all options clients
  •  Discount if options premium is below 0.15€ per tCO2
  •  No exercise fee applicable
  •  Future leg fee (premium over / below 0.15€ per tCO2)
Discounted fee1.25
Options exercise0
Delta hedge0.50 / 0.25

* Sign up via email with title ‘spot credit’ to

** Applicable to new clients or existing clients with lower on-screen futures volumes than 50 lots in Q4/17. Sign up via email with title ‘newly active’ to

Membership Fees

Fee waiver for new members

For new members, EEX waives membership fees and up to three technical accesses for the first membership year.

Type of membership


Fee in € per annum

Environmental Markets

Trading in emission allowances and participation in trading in Guarantees of Origin


Full Membership

Trading in all EEX products


Auction Only

Participation in primary auctions only


View Only

Without trading rights, limited term of three months


Technical Access Fees

The costs for the standard EEX TT Screen frontend amount to € 1,800 per annum and trader. Please refer to the EEX price list for other technical access costs.

Price List

> Current EEX Price List

> Current ECC Price List