Emissions Secondary Auctions

"EEX has established itself as the leading auction platform for emission allowances in the EU ETS. We hold primary market auctions in the emissions market almost every day. On 16th November 2018, EEX will host the first secondary market auction in the emissions market."

André Tzschoppe, Project Manager

EEX will conduct a secondary market auction for European emission allowances (EUAs) on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development from Latvia. The auction is scheduled for 16th November 2018 with the bidding window being open from 09:00 to 11:00 (CET). The auction volume amounts to 3,126,500 EUAs. This is the first auction on behalf of a public auctioneer on the EEX secondary market.

The auction will be available in the M7 Auction system (https://spotauction1.eex.com) as all the primary market auctions. Deviating from the primary market auctions trading participants do not have to be eligible in accordance with the EU Auctioning Regulation. All members of EEX that are admitted for the Emissions secondary spot market are allowed to place bids in this auction.

The clearing process will be the same as for emission allowances of the primary market auctions and the continuous trading on the secondary market.

For this particular secondary market auction the usual EEX secondary market fees of € 2.50 per ktCO2 (= 1,000 EUAs) for trading and € 0.50 per ktCO2 for clearing apply.

If you do not have an access to the auction system or any other questions with regards to this auction please contact Market Operations (T +49 341 2156-331, auctions@eex.com) or Member Readiness (T +49 341 2156-261, memberreadiness@ecc.de) until 14th November 2018.