Access to the auctions - direct and indirect

A single admission team of EEX and ECC or the EEX Sales team will assist you in all aspects of the admission process (the order of the following points can vary):

1. Establishing a contact

EEX will assist you with any questions you may have concerning your admission, the admission process itself and the necessary admission forms.

2. Completing a training

The completion of the EEX exchange trader training or spot market emission rights training is required, except you choose an auction only membership without technical access.

3. Choosing a technical connection

EEX offers you various technical connection opportunities depending on your needs.

FAQ Participation in Emissions Auctions

Details to relevant questions including a comparison of the options how to participate in the Emission Auctions can be found in the document "Participation in Emissions Auctions". A presentation especially for small and medium size operators is available in the document “Participation in Emissions Auctions for small and medium Operators”.

Direct access: membership models

Companies who would like to become a member of EEX's emissions spot market in order to access the auctions must first determine whether they are eligible to bid as per the EU rules and the EEX admission requirements. If so, the applicant has the choice of three EEX Memberships:

  • Full membership
  • Environmental markets membership
  • Auction-only membership

  • Full membership

  • Environmental markets membership

  • Auction-only membership

Further information on the admission process can be found on the 'Admission Process' section of the website. EEX Admission forms are available on the EEX website.

Indirect access: Participants eligible to bid on behalf of clients in primary auction

According to Article 60 (3) Auction Regulation (EU No. 1031/2010), auction platforms must publish a list of the names and contact details of all participants admitted to bid on behalf of clients in the emissions auctions. For participation via these participants please contact these companies directly, using the contact details below.


Belektron Logo

Belektron provides indirect access to the emissions auctions for all operators of EU ETS installations and aircraft operators. Customer support is provided in multiple European languages (English, French, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian). The arrangements for indirect auction access have been jointly developed between Belektron and EEX, guided by the common aim to achieve greater transparency and ensure equal treatment of clients.    

Please contact Belektron using the following details:

AddressCvetkova ulica 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone+386 1 620 8854
Fax+386 1 620 8855


27/02/2017 EEX and Belektron facilitate access to EUA and EUAA auctions (159 KB) PDF
27/02/2017 General conditions (436 KB) PDF
27/02/2017 Customer presentation “Indirect auction access via Belektron” (121 KB) PDF

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.

AddressIan Newman
5, Aldermanbury Square, EC2V 7HR London, UK
Telephone0044 203 192 9130

CF Partners (UK) LLP

Address80 Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UD, UK
Telephone0044 207 348 3512
Fax0044 207 348 3505

S.S.I.F. Vienna Investment Trust S.A.

Address4, Splaiul Unirii, Building B3, Bucharest 4, 030121, Romania
Telephone0040 21 207 48 80
Fax0040 21 207 48 98

For participation via these participants please contact these companies directly, using the contact details above.