Environmental Markets

EEX is the only exchange in Europe experienced in regular and comprehensive primary market auctions for emission allowances on the spot  market.

Environmentals Products offered at EEX

Advantages of Trading on EEX

  • Price quality: Benefit from competitive spreads supported by market makers in spot and futures.
  • Fees: Reduce costs of trading with the most competitive fees in Europe.
  • Participants: Join our strong client base in emissions markets, including utilities, industrials and financial players
  • Market access: Make use of the sophisticated trading functionalities of the EEX TT screen.
  • Straight-through processing: Reduce manual effort for Trade Registration through easy straight-through processing.
  • Margining: Free up capital by cross-margining and placing of EUAs as collateral to reduce initial margin costs.
  • Product offering: Combine your trading activities in auctions and in the secondary market on one single exchange
  • Customer Support: Strong customer focus and personal assistance through account managers in London, Paris, Milan and Leipzig