"The Energiewende poses new risks, and requires new instruments to hedge these. EEX is shaping the power markets of the future with new and innovative products like the Wind Power Future."

Tim Greenwood, Managing Director Exchange

Now available: EEX Wind Power Futures

Increasing power generation from renewables, in combination with the uncertainty of weather, leads to a steadily growing price impact for conventional power revenues. At the same time there is an expanding number of companies with a considerable volume risk from their wind park portfolios. EEX offers an effective tool to manage both of these aspects.

EEX introduces Wind Power Futures as a standardized exchange traded wind power derivative to enable the dedicated hedging of risk of wind power generation.

Advantages of Trading Wind Power Futures at EEX

  • Daily reference price  for wind power generation Hedging  instrument against wind uncertainty  (volume risk)
  • Underlying based on wind power generation with monthly update on turbine database
  • Orderbook trading guarantees transparent pricing
  • Hedging  instrument against wind induced power price volatility
  • Fast and efficient risk transfer by the use of "Exchange Trades Derivatives" (ETD)
  • Elimination of counterparty risk through clearing via CCP


  • Load-factor representing wind power generation normalised to MWh per available MW over the delivery period
  • Index provided by EuroWind, internationally accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005
  • Model-based calculation of wind power generation in 15-min. resolution based on meteorological data by Deutscher Wetterdienst
  • Monthly update of turbine database
  • Almost real-time index data and 30-year historical data available from EuroWind

At a Glance

As part of its initiative for energy turnaround products, EEX introduces:

  • Wind Power Future for Germany/Austria

in detail setup of:

  • Financial Wind Future (Base) for weeks, months, quarter and year contracts


Load profile


Periods up to




Average Wind Load Factor per contract period



5 weeks,
4 months,
4 quarters,
2 years


Exchange trading and trade registration

Cascading of quarters, seasons and years, cash settlement against the index