EEX Press Release - EEX and q-bility establish strategic partnership for GHG quota trading

    The European Energy Exchange (EEX) and q-bility GmbH enter into a strategic partnership for trading in greenhouse gas reduction quotas (GHG quotas). Within the framework of this partnership, EEX will acquire 20% of shares in q-bility GmbH and expands its previous engagement as a technology provider for q-bility. The company q-bility was founded together with Enpulse, the venture builder for energy transition and sustainable infrastructure. In addition to EEX, Enpulse also has a stake in q-bility.

    The GHG quota system aims to reduce climate-damaging emissions from the transport sector. Distributors of petrol and diesel fuels are legally obliged to reduce greenhouse gases to avoid penalty levies. For 2023, this reduction requirement is 8%, and will increase to 25% by 2030. The required reductions can be achieved by increasingly using fuels with lower emission values, such as electricity or bio-LNG. Alternatively, companies can purchase GHG quotas from third parties that make actual emission reductions, such as owners of electric cars or charging station operators. These transactions can take place within the framework of GHG quota trading.

    q-bility's solution revolutionises previously bilateral and analogue trading. Since July 2022, q-bility has been operating a fully digital B2B trading platform for GHG quotas, which was developed and implemented with technical support from EEX Group. Standardised trading procedures and digital settlement processes give suppliers and buyers the opportunity for direct selling on the platform.

    "Through the strategic partnership with q-bility, we are driving forward our common goal of standardising GHG quota trading and making it significantly easier for companies to participate," describes Dr. Tobias Paulun, Chief Strategy Officer of EEX.

    "Analogue processes and bureaucratic hurdles are costly and prevent companies from achieving their sustainability goals. Digitalisation, simplification and speed, on the other hand, drive them forward. With EEX as a strategic partner, we are continuing to expand our range of services for our customers in a focused manner", says Dominik Trisl, Managing Director of q-bility.

    Through this partnership, EEX supports another market instrument which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. There is a large overlap between companies which are admitted to participate in the sale of allowances in the national emissions trading system (nEHS) on EEX and companies which are obliged to surrender their GHG quotas. With their partnership, EEX and q-bility want to facilitate access to digitalised GHG quota trading for these companies and support decarbonisation in the transport sector.

    The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading energy exchange which builds secure, successful and sustainable commodity markets worldwide – together with its customers. As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, it offers contracts on Power, Natural Gas and Emission Allowances as well as Freight and Agricultural Products. EEX also provides registry services as well as auctions for Guarantees of Origin, on behalf of the French State. More information:

    q-bility GmbH is an owner-managed company in the energy and fuel industry. It is the developer and operator of the first fully digital B2B trading platform for greenhouse gas reduction quotas (GHG quotas). It is constantly developing this innovation together with its users and partners. The goal of the four founders is to make their contribution to the challenges of their generation. So that the world of tomorrow is CO2-free and remains worth living in.

    Originally anchored in EnBW Innovation, EnPulse Ventures GmbH was spun off as a subsidiary of EnBW in May 2022. As a venture builder, Enpulse focuses on the development of young business ideas and early-stage start-ups in the area of the energy transition and sustainable infrastructure. After ideation, business model development, piloting and successful market entry, the newly founded start-ups continue their development with strong partners and investors.

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