EEX Customer Information - EEX offers additional market maker position for German Power Futures

    Following the adjustment of its market maker scheme in 2022 and due to high demand for participation in the new scheme for German Power Futures, EEX AG will make one more space available for market making in German Power Futures. For more detailed information please get in touch with your Key Account Manager, who will provide you with further information and the necessary documentation. The rulebook for the tender can be found here.

    Trading participants who wish to take part in the new market maker scheme for the EEX German Power Futures are requested to complete the bidding form and submit it to EEX no later than 16 January 2023. EEX reserves the right for plausibility checks of the bidding forms and may exclude a participant from the selection process.

    Please do not hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager or Market Operations if you have any questions.

    EEX Market Operations
    P: +49 341 2156 - 222

    EEX Sales
    P: +49 341 2156 - 555