EEX Customer Information - Future-to-Spot Service extension to Poland

    The European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) will extend the Future-to-Spot Service (FTS Service), which is offered in cooperation with EPEX SPOT, to the Polish power market area. From 14 December 2022 onwards, trading participants active on both EEX and EPEX SPOT markets, can use a synergy of both markets and enter bids in the Polish Day-Ahead auction of EPEX SPOT according to their corresponding position in EEX-PXE Polish Power Month Futures.

    For the usage of the service, a separate FTS-Portfolio for the Polish market area is required, which can be applied for at EPEX SPOT. With the FTS-Portfolio in place, trading participants can submit the required FTS bidding sheets for the Polish Day-ahead auction to EPEX SPOT via The bid submission process will be limited temporary to the manual process via the trading participant. The automatic submission process via the EEX Initiation Services will be made available at a later stage. Please find more information about the process in the EPEX User Guide.

    Further information on the FTS Service is available on the EEX Website and EPEX SPOT Website. Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Market Operations by phone +49 341 2156 222 if you should have any further questions.

    EEX Market Operations
    T +49 341 2156-222