Nodal and IncubEx to Expand Environmental Markets with Seven New Renewable Contracts

    Nodal Exchange and IncubEx today announced the upcoming launch of seven new Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) futures and options on November 17, 2020.

    Pending regulatory review, Nodal will list physically-delivered futures contracts on:

    • M-RETS® Renewable Energy Certificates from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) Listed Wind Energy Facilities (front-half and back-half)
    • Texas Compliance Solar Renewable Energy Certificates from CRS Listed Facilities (front-half and back-half) and
    • New York Renewable Energy Certificates Tier 1

    Nodal also will add option contracts on Texas Compliance Renewable Energy Certificates from CRS Listed Facilities (front-half and back-half), complementing the corresponding futures contracts listed in December 2019. Since launch, more than 14,000 Texas CRS Listed Wind futures contracts have traded, representing 14 million MWh of wind energy (enough power to serve about 1.3 million homes for a year).

    Each of the new futures and options contracts are the first of their kind on any exchange.

    Please find attached the press release that we issued this morning announcing these new contracts.