EEX Press Release - EEX publishes revised 2022 calendar for EUA auctions and 2023 auction calendar

    The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has published the revised 2022 auction calendar and the new 2023 auction calendars for the auctioning of the EU emission allowances (EUA) and EU aviation allowances (EUAA). The calendars are published in coordination with the European Commission, the EU Member States and the EEA EFTA States auctioning on the common auction platform (CAP3) as well as with the competent authorities of Germany (DE), Poland (PL) and the United Kingdom on behalf of Northern Ireland (NI).

    The 2022 auction calendar has been adjusted for the period from September to December 2022 in accordance with the Auctioning Regulation1 due to the operation of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR), taking into account the publication of the 2021 total number of allowances in circulation (TNAC) in May 2022.

    The revised auction volumes from September to December 2022 will be as follows:


    EU CAP3




    Volume per auction

    2,510,500 EUA

    1,861,500 EUA

    3,101,500 EUA


    Volume last auction

    2,568,500 EUA

    1,865,500 EUA

    3,102,500 EUA

    929,000 EUA

    All other auction details remain unchanged.


    Publication of the 2023 auction calendar

    EEX has further published the 2023 auction calendar for the auctioning of EU allowances (EUA). The reductions of auction volumes due to the MSR apply from January to August 2023 based on the 2021 total number of allowances in circulation (TNAC). The volumes from September to December 2023 are preliminary as they are subject to adjustments following the publication of the 2022 TNAC figures scheduled by 15 May 2023.

    EU auctions 2023 (CAP3)

    EEX will hold EUA auctions in the framework of the common EU auction platform (CAP3) on behalf of 25 EU member states and the EEA EFTA states. In addition, these auctions will include a volume of 40 million allowances for the Innovation Fund, as well as 67.1 million allowances for the Modernisation Fund.

    CAP3 auctions are scheduled to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during the period from 9 January to 18 December 2023.

    Auctions for Germany 2023

    The weekly EUA auctions on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany will be conducted by EEX in its capacity as the appointed auction platform on Fridays, starting from 13 January until 15 December 2023.

    Auctions for Poland 2023

    EUA auctions on behalf of Poland are scheduled bi-weekly on Wednesdays during the period from 18 January to 6 December 2023.

    The below table provides an overview of the 2023 auction volumes:





    Overall volume 2023

    403,157,500 EUA

    113,094,000 EUA

    74,635,500 EUA

    Volume per auction Jan-Jul

    2,409,000 EUA

    1,939,500 EUA

    2,676,000 EUA

    Volume per auction in Aug

    1,204,500 EUA

    970,000 EUA

    1,338,000 EUA

    Volume last auction in Aug

    1,457,000 EUA

    976,500 EUA

    1,344,500 EUA

    Volume per auction Sep-Dec*

    4,075,500 EUA

    3,552,500 EUA

    4,735,500 EUA

    Volume last auction in Dec*

    4,352,000 EUA

    3,553,500 EUA

    4,738,000 EUA

    * The volumes from September to December 2023 are preliminary and can be subject to adjustments.

    Auctions of EU emission allowances (EUA) by the UK in respect of Northern Ireland

    Pursuant to the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, the EU ETS applies to electricity generation in Northern Ireland. Therefore, the UK will auction a small volume of allowances corresponding to its share in the Union-wide cap.

    EEX will conduct one EUA auction on behalf of Northern Ireland in 2023, scheduled for Wednesday, 4 October 2023, with a volume of 1,248,000 EUAs2.

    The bidding window for all EUA auctions including Northern Ireland conducted by EEX will be open from 9.00 to 11.00 am CET

    2 2023 volume is preliminary and subject to adjustment by potential MSR reductions

    Auctions of EU Aviation Allowances (EUAA)

    EU auctions

    In its capacity as the common auction platform appointed by 25 Member States and the EEA EFTA states, EEX will conduct six auctions of EU Aviation Allowances (EUAA) in 2023. The auctions will take place in a bi-monthly rhythm, starting from 25 January 2023:

    25 January 2023:        775,500 EUAAs

    22 March 2023:           775,500 EUAAs

    17 May 2023:              775,500 EUAAs

    12 July 2023:              775,500 EUAAs

    20 September 2023:   775,500 EUAAs

    15 November 2023:    766,500 EUAAs


    German and Polish EUAA auction

    EEX will conduct one EUAA auction on behalf of Germany on Wednesday, 18 October 2023, with a volume of 907,000 EUAAs.

    On behalf of Poland, EEX will also hold one EUAA auction on Wednesday, 13 December 2023, with a volume of 169,500 EUAAs.

    All EU aviation auctions on EEX will be held on Wednesday mornings with the bidding window for all EUAA auctions to be opened from 09.00 to 11.00 am CET.

    EEX provides detailed information in the published auction calendar. Clearing and settlement of all emission allowances is conducted by the European Commodity Clearing (ECC).


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