Action Required - Availability of Agricultural Derivatives XLSX Files on EEX Group DataSource sFTP Server

    The following End-of-day (EOD) data for agricultural derivatives is now available in annual XLSX formatted files on the sFTP server

    The following files will be provided in path /market_data/agricultural/derivatives/xls/YYYY/ as listed below:

    • AgricultureFutureHistory_SkimmedMilkPowder_YYYY.xlsx                            
    • AgricultureFutureHistory_Butter_YYYY.xlsx                                                                     
    • AgricultureFutureHistory_EuropeanWheyPowder_YYYY.xlsx                                        
    • AgricultureIndexHistory_Butter_YYYY.xlsx                                                                        
    • AgricultureIndexHistory_SkimmedMilkPowder_YYYY.xlsx                              
    • AgricultureIndexHistory_EuropeanWheyPowder_YYYY.xlsx                                         
    • AgricultureIndexHistory_EuropeanProcessingPotato_YYYY.xlsx                                 

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