EEX Press Release - EEX-Group reports new record result for the 2021 Financial Year

    EEX Group continued to provide security and certainty to customers against the backdrop of unprecedented uncertainty and sustained volatility.

    EEX Group has today published its 2021 financial results, reporting another record year. Throughout 2021, EEX Group continued to expand its position in the global commodity exchange space, posting significant increases in its power, natural gas, environmental and dry freight markets.

    The Group’s total revenues increased by 11% to a record of EUR 363.0 million compared to EUR 327.5 million in 2020. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased by 36% to EUR 137.8 million (2020: EUR 101.1 million) which is also a new record.

    In the context of a highly volatile market environment, EEX Group continued to provide its customers with a safe and secure environment, guaranteeing the stability of its operations. Its clearing houses European Commodity Clearing (ECC) and Nodal Clear ensured financial resources were sufficient to cover all potential exposures at all times.

    Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX comments: “In 2021, the global pandemic continued to impact markets in a myriad of ways which in turn, presented a number of very real challenges for our customers. By providing stability and reliable operations in addition to a flexible and agile approach, the EEX Group team has been able to alleviate many stress factors that our customers faced throughout the year. This, more than any other time, truly embodies our group mission to build secure, successful and sustainable markets, together with our customers.”

    Power – EEX Group N°1 exchange group in the world for the 5 th year running

    In total, the EEX Group power trading volume increased by 5% to 7,406 TWh, confirming its position as number one exchange group in power trading worldwide.

    • Power spot market growth with stable Day-Ahead volumes and an 11% increase in Intraday markets.
    • New market share records in European power derivatives: 51% in Germany, 63% in France
    • EEX further established its leading position in the Japanese power derivatives market – 87% market share in cleared power futures.
    • US power derivatives reported a new record volume of 2,202 TWh, +28% compared to 2020.

    Successful implementation of 10 Year Power Futures for Germany, Italy, and Spain, which extends the long-term hedging instruments on the exchange, facilitating hedging of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) especially for renewable energy.

    Natural Gas – EEX Group leveraged on its leading position on spot trading to serve its derivatives ambition

    EEX Group’s global natural gas markets grew by 30% to a volume of 3,142 TWh in 2021 (2020: 2,412 TWh).

    • The European gas spot markets reached a volume of 1,847 TWh, representing a new record as well as a 31% increase compared to 2020.
    • Trading Hub Europe (THE), the new common nationwide gas market area in Germany posted double-digit growth in both spot (+37%) and derivatives (+65%) markets.
    • The European gas derivatives increased by 23% to 1,186 TWh with major increases in almost all hubs.
    • US Natural Gas markets, operated by Nodal, more than tripled in 2021.

    Successful introduction of Financial Gas Futures cash-settled against the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI), the N°1 benchmark for gas in Europe.

    Environmental markets – EEX Group, one of the leading exchange groups for Environmentals

    EEX Group reported a growing interest and trading activity in environmental products worldwide.

    • EEX Group reported a growing interest and trading activity in environmental products worldwide.
    • Emissions trading volumes on EEX in Europe increased by 16%, trading in North American environmentals increased by 125%.
    • In October, EEX started the sales of national emission certificates in the German national emissions trading system (nEHS), with a total of 287 million nEHS certificates sold until the end of 2021.
    • Nodal Exchange together with IncubEX further increased their environmental portfolio which is already the world’s largest set of environmental contracts.
    • Record year for the Guarantees of Origin market: more than 1,700 TWh of GOs were moved in the registries of EEX Group last year, representing half of the total volume circulating in Europe.

    EEX started the sales of national emission certificates in the German national emissions trading system (nEHS). EEX also implemented and successfully operated emissions auctions in New Zealand, with its partner New Zealand Exchange, with 26 million NZUs auctioned.

    Freight markets – A record year for dry bulk as freight futures surge

    Dry bulk freight, a key market in the global commodities business segment, set a new record, exceeding the 1 million lots threshold for the first time ever.

    • This significant growth was mainly driven by freight futures which grew by 48% to 890,242 lots (2020: 601,503 lots).
    • This new milestone represents 5 years of organic and inorganic growth, further confirming EEX Group’s position as a major force in global freight trading.

    Launch of the Zero Carbon Freight Index (ZCFI) which enables players in the dry freight market to see how the cost of carbon emissions could affect freight prices.

    As a result of the developments in the various business segments, EEX Group’s total revenue is as follows:

    Total revenues EEX Group 2021

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    Total revenues




       thereof: Power Derivatives Europe & Japan




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       thereof: Natural Gas Europe




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    Looking at 2022, Peter Reitz says: “As we move forward into 2022, I am mindful that the world is now facing three major crises; the tragic and unwanted war in Ukraine, the continuing effects of COVID-19 and of course the ongoing fight to save our planet from the ravages of climate change. As one of the world’s leading commodity exchanges, our number one priority at EEX Group remains the same: to provide security and certainty by continuing to build secure, successful and sustainable markets around the world. This is not only our responsibility to our customers, it is our contribution to society as a whole”.

    More information on the EEX Group’s 2021 annual results and highlights can be found on our website.

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