„The reference prices established by the exchange increase transparency in the energy markets and strengthen the participants’ confidence in the trading process.“

    Dr.-Ing. Dr. Tobias Paulun, Director Strategy & Market Design, Managing Director Exchange

    Reference prices for Europe

    By publishing the traded prices and volumes the exchange safeguards transparency and provides a reliable reference signal to the market. A market-based reference price forms an essential basis for the market players’ operations – including investment decisions.

    Phelix – Reference price for power

    The Physical Electricity Index (Phelix) refers to the base load (Phelix Base) and peak load (Phelix Peak) price index published daily on the Power Spot Market for the German/Austrian market area. The Phelix is established by EPEX SPOT and constitutes the underlying asset for the EEX Phelix Future. 

    EGIX – Reference price for natural gas

    The European Gas Index (EGIX) is based on exchange trades which are concluded in the respective current front month contracts (THE). The EGIX corresponds to the current market price for gas deliveries in the next month at any time and, as a result, it is optimally suited to gradually replace or supplement gas supply contracts on the basis of natural gas substitutes (such as oil or coal).

    EEX Monthly Index

    The EEX Monthly Index is calculated and published as an average of all daily settlement prices for Natural Gas Futures in the respective front month and reflects their respective market value. This Index will be provided for several market areas for Natural Gas.

    ECarbix – Reference price for EU emission allowances

    The European Carbon Index (ECarbix) is calculated and published as an exchange-based price for the current market value for EU emission allowances (EUA).

    2021-11-09 Index Description 11b - English Specifications Indeces pdf (343 KB)
    2021-11-09 Index Description 11b - English (Track Changes) Specifications Indeces pdf (345 KB)

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