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    Emissions Open Interest

    In addition to its market data offering, EEX provides a synthetic net open interest report which is considering the proprietary accounts in net terms.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that the data covered by the files below is correct and not affected by the problem reported on the top of this page.

    2021-10-14 Emissions Open Interest Market Data xlsx (7 KB)
    2021-10-12 Emissions Open Interest - Archive Market Data zip (1 MB)

    Please note:

    The additional data is for information purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the factual open interest, as the account keeping at EEX´s Clearing House, European Commodity Clearing, will consider positions kept in agent accounts and proprietary accounts in gross terms, i.e. long and short positions can exist at the same time. Positions in the market maker positions accounts are kept in net terms, i.e. either a long or short position will exist. The netting of positions can be performed by trading participants any time, if desired. Further information will be provided by EEX's Market Operations team.