Group Strategy

    Laszlo Barrena | Business Analyst

    I joined the EEX Group Strategy team as analyst in early 2020 and was fully immersed into the daily business right from the beginning. Our team brings together the strategies of all trading and clearing venues across EEX Group – and creates a common, sustainable and long-term vision for the organization. This is done both in bilateral meetings, as well as within larger cross-company rounds.  We closely work together with departments and teams in all time zones and thus include all perspectives when it comes to decision-making on a high level.

    Additionally, my work focuses on upcoming trends and developments in energy and financial markets. With mitigation of climate change becoming more and more an essential topic in the financial industry, this is a field where we as an exchange want and can provide solutions and opportunities for all market players. 

    Being part of the Group Strategy team is incredibly valuable, as we have a very dynamic and forward looking approach. My colleagues work across the different venues at EEX Group, in Leipzig, London, Paris and Washington. This shapes daily working life in a diverse, supportive, fast-pacing and most of all inspiring way.

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