Welcome to the EEX Graduate Trainee Progamme

    Welcome at EEX. This means European Energy Exchange and shows where we have our roots. As the leading energy exchange in Europe, we develop, operate and connect the markets for global energy and commodity trading from Leipzig and 16 other worldwide offices. What’s the secret to our success? We are an expert team of dynamic individuals that drive forward exciting projects while sharing experiences, celebrating success and creating memories, together.

    Sounds appealing?

    Then our Graduate Trainee Programme could be just the right thing to kick-start your professional life.

    Find out more about the design and the benefits of the programme as well as requirements and start dates.

    In a snapshot – 5 reasons why we think our Graduate Trainee Programme could be the right fit for you

    What you can expect?

    Our Graduate Trainee Programme is composed of three exciting work experiences which can be individually structured. The aim is to provide you with fundamental knowledge about how we operate the markets for global energy and commodity trading, as well as giving you the opportunity to dive into an area you are keen on while connecting with the international mindset of the EEX Group.



    Build your foundation

    • This is what we call your “Base Camp”.
    • Gain valuable insights into our core business and processes by working right at the heart of our activities, i.e. market operations and clearing.
    • Your placement in each of these departments will be 2-3 months.

    Choose the area that suits you best

    • This is the opportunity to play to your strengths and select a department based on your interests.
    • Choose from a broad range of departments, e.g.
      • continue your journey in Market Operations or Clearing, or
      • go for an in-depth experience in either Accounting & Tax / Controlling or Business Analysis & Projects
      • …or simply pick an area of your choice once you have completed your “Base Camp” experience
    • The duration of this work placement will be about nine months.

    Go international

    • In addition you will have the chance to head off to our Paris branch for an international experience! Which, by the way, does not mean you have to speak French as English is our shared language in EEX Group.
    • Working out of Paris is a great opportunity, as our Paris branch is the hub for our Gas Market and Registries Business allowing you to expand your network of colleagues and get a full-fledged view on two of our fundamental business lines.

    On top of your work experiences…

    • You will of course also benefit from a personalised onboarding plan, including technical and soft-skill trainings (e.g. project management, effective presentation).
    • There will be continuous development talks with HR as your guide throughout the programme.
    • We will also team you up with an experienced member of our leadership team acting as your mentor and supporting your professional and personal development.


    What are the requirements?

    • We are open to both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. So if you recently graduated or are about to graduate within the next 6-8 months, we are happy to receive your application.
    • The earliest date to join us is November 2020. The latest start date is April 2021.
    • Your grades should be very good, and preferably you have an international study background. A focus on business administration, finance, economics or mathematics and IT in your studies is a natural fit with the areas of work we are covering in the programme. But we are certainly not limited to these degrees only.  
    • What truly matters to us, is your curiosity to immerse yourself in a company culture where English is key for collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and 17 international locations in Europe, Asia and the US.
    • Equally important is your dedication to learning with and from your team members and your commitment to rolling up your sleeves. You will receive a great deal in return for your outstanding performance from your team. After all, we value the exchange of ideas, working together and encouraging each other to become better. This spirit is very close to our hearts at EEX, we call it  “the Exchange Mindset”.


    EEX Graduate Trainee Programme Application - Information


    Application Process

    E-Mail Application

    • Send your application by email to jobs@eex.com. Nadin Eckhardt and Michael Schur are our two HR colleagues behind this email address, and they will be happy to contact you should you have further questions about the programme and the application process.
    • Please include CV, a cover letter and other relevant documents (transcript of records, job references etc.).
    • Make sure your cover letter is inspired. Don’t be generic. Let us know why EEX and you could fit together. Tell us which department / area of work might interest you the most and why.

    Online/ Phone Interview

    • You have arrived here - great, that means your application has really made us curious. 
    • Nadin and Michael from our HR team will invite you to a 30-minute interview, ideally via Skype or Microsoft teams or by phone, whichever you prefer.


    On-Site Interview and Round-Table

    • This is the final step of the application process.
    • After successful completion of the telephone interview, we will invite you to a personal meeting and presentation with the HR department and two members of our leadership team in Leipzig (please be assured: the meetings will be organised in strict compliance with the current health and safety measures in view of the Covid-19 pandemic).


    • Our promise to you: Within two weeks after the final step of the application process, we will contact you with an open feedback and you will be informed whether we would like to make you an offer to participate in our Graduate Trainee Programme.


    Please submit your application in English.

    If you have less than one year of work experience, we would be pleased to receive your application. If you have already worked for more than a year, please check our career website for open job positions. We are hiring in many areas of EEX Group.

    Please send your application to jobs@eex.com. Nadin Eckhardt and Michael Schur from the HR team are the colleagues taking care of your application. You can also use this email address if you have further questions about the program.

    Not really. We are keeping things flexible. Please note: The earliest date to join us is November 2020. The latest start date is April 2021.


    Yes, of course. Please note that you have to cover related costs yourself, e.g. for visa matters and relocating.

    Frankly, there is no limit.  A natural option is to continue your development path in one of the areas that you know well from your specialization during the programme and where you have left a mark. At the same time, the programme provides you with such a profound insight into how all the departments are connected that you will be able to jump onto other opportunities when they arise. Please be assured: The HR team is there to support and advise you throughout the entire process.

    You did not find what you were looking for?

    Simply send an E-Mail to jobs@eex.com, and we will get back to you with a swift answer.

    Michael Schur

    Human Resources Officer


    Nadin Eckhardt

    Human Resources Officer

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