Andrea Friedrich

    Expert Market Operations (EEX)

    I have worked for EEX Group since 2006 and got to know the core business through my initial work in the Market Operations Department, where I was involved in operations. 

    Market Operations has a wide range of tasks. At “the heart of the exchange” we carry out the operations of the individual markets within EEX Group. We support the traders in their day-to-day trading processes, establish the settlement prices for all EEX products and play a decisive role in the further development of the markets and trading systems. In other words, we monitor the activities on the market and ensure a smooth trading process. Since we are of interest to the public, we are always happy to show how we work and in addition to receiving smaller visitor groups, it is always a special highlight for me to shake the hand of well-known politicians visiting the energy exchange or to show camera teams the trading rooms as the background for news shows or television reports.  

    Personally, I was able to continue my career development by assuming professional responsibility in the power division, through contributions to numerous projects and a stay in France where I was involved in the setting up of our Paris office. As a Senior Expert, I have further possibilities developing my soft skills in a targeted manner, in addition to enhancing my professional expertise. Furthermore, I was very pleased that my absence during maternity leave and subsequent part-time work did not constitute obstacles for my promotion.