EEX TT Screen

“With our new ‘EEX TT Screen’ we offer an additional option for members to access our markets. We chose TT as a service provider because their technology provides a robust and sophisticated trading solution with maximum functionality. In addition, it’s simple for the customers, they do not need any installation, just internet access and a current browser.”

Steffen Köhler, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director Exchange

About EEX TT Screen

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) TT provides secure, high-performance, go-anywhere market access and trade execution.

The EEX TT Screen can be used to access the EEX markets for:

  • power derivatives
  • emissions spot and derivatives
  • coal
  • guarantees of origin

The EEX TT Screen will offer new functionalities such as:

  • enter exchange trades and register trade transactions for clearing (Trade Registration).
  • enter and manage orders
  • view and chart market data
  • automated tools like Autospreader® and ADL® (Algo Design Lab)
  • access to the system from virtually any internet-connected computer or mobile device
  • modular architecture which provides for delivering new functionality to the user’s workspace without a software upgrade


  • When will the new EEX TT Screen be available?

  • Browser and System Requirements

  • What to do if a Socket Error message occurs?

  • Will there be a change in the pricing model? Will the cost increase?

  • Will there be mobile screens for smartphones etc.?

  • Will there be a distribution via the GCMs?

  • Will there be changes to the log-ins and passwords?

  • How will I receive my log-in?

  • Is trade capture and feeding to an ETRM system possible?

  • Usage of Synthetic Order Types

  • Will there be trade registration?


Further Information


EEX Press Release:
EEX Selects Trading Technologies’ Next-Generation Trading Platform as Direct Screen Offer

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