Regulated Market


Please select the document relevant to you from the admission forms detailed below.

Setup/Modification/Deletion of User IDs

Do you wish to setup, modify or delete Trader, Trader Assistants, Trade Registration User, Back Office User, Security Administrators or Info User?

Modification Kit User IDsZIP

Declaration of Professional Qualification

Is your EEX exchange trader exam not valid anymore and you would like to declare your professional qualification according to § 4 (2b) EEX Admission Rules?

Declaration of Professional QualificationZIP

Admission as a new trading participant            

Do you wish to become a trading participant on the exchange?

Starter Kit EEX AdmissionZIP

Expansion of the licence of an existing trading participant to a new market   

Do you wish to be admitted to an additional market as an existing trading participant?

Kit Extension of EEX AdmissionZIP

Participation as Straight Trough Processing (STP)

Do you wish to register trades automatically?

Straight Through ProcessingZIP

Admission as a new “Auction-Only” trading participant                 

Do you only want to be admitted as a trading participant for the primary market auctions on the Spot Market?

Starter Kit Auction only (Electronic Bidding)ZIP
Starter Kit Auction only (Trading on Behalf)ZIP

Admission as Auctioneer              

Do you only want to be admitted as an auctioneer?

Starter Kit AuctioneerZIP

Recognition as a trading agent                

Do you wish to be admitted as a “trading agent”?

Starter Kit Trading AgentZIP

Recognition as Non Trading Broker

Starter Kit Non Trading BrokerZIP

Extension of recognition as Non Trading Broker

Extension EEX RecognitionZIP

Change in admission data         

Do you wish to have data relevant for admission changed?

Changes of contact detailsZIP
Change of the signature listZIP
Change in the Authorised RecipientZIP
Change of the Management BoardZIP

Change in technical connection         

Do you wish to change your technical connections?

Order Routing System and Direct Electronic AccessZIP
Modification of the technical accessZIP
Notification algorithmic tradingZIP

Authorization for Customer Trade Registration Confirmation

Do you wish to authorise your clients to confirm their trades directly to EEX on your behalf?

Trade Registration ConfirmationZIP