Admission to exchange trading and clearing

Depending on the markets in which you wish to trade, you have to be admitted to the respective EEX Group exchange or exchanges. In addition to exchange membership, admission to clearing at ECC is also required.  


Preconditions for admission

In order to become an EEX participant various admission requirements must be met. The preconditions for admission as a trading participant at EEX are regulated in section 14 et seq. of the EEX Exchange Rules as well as in section 19 (4) of the German Exchange Act (BörsG).

  • Recognition as a trading participant by the clearing house of EEX, European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC)
  • Proof of personal reliability and professional qualifications of the person(s) holding management authority
  • Proof of liable equity of at least € 50,000
  • Technical connection to the trading system(s)

Admission can be applied for separately for the individual exchange markets and products. If you need more information, please see our membership options.

A company may only actively trade at the EEX markets and register trade registration transactions after admission to the exchange, and the clearing house ECC and admission of, at least, one trader who has proven personal reliability and provided proof of the required professional qualifications (e.g. through the EEX exchange trader examination).

What are the steps for admission in detail?

  1. Contact EEX sales.
  2. Pass the trader exam.
  3. Choose the specific technical access.
  4. Follow the admission process: Fill in the admission documents.
  1. Find a Clearing Bank and sign a NCM agreement.
  2. Follow the admission process: Fill in the KYC - "know-your-customers" - and admission documents.

Prices and fees