How to start trading?

In order to trade on the EEX Group markets, companies must complete the admission process of the respective exchange.

In addition to membership at EEX, admission to clearing at ECC is also required. In its role as a central counterparty, ECC positions itself between the seller and the buyer and assumes the counterparty risk.

Why get admitted to EEX?

Companies which are admitted to trading in energy and related products on EEX are granted access to liquid spot and derivatives markets as well as a broad network of trading participants.

  • A one-stop shop clearing solution for a wide range of products such as power, emissions, natural gas as well as freight, and agricultural products
  • Comprehensive network of trading participants
  • Access to the most liquid financial power future referring to the European reference price index - Phelix
  • Cross-margining savings across all positions at the clearing house ECC

What you need to know before you start trading at EEX

Learn more about the admission process for exchange trading and clearing. What are the conditions and fees?


Specific membership options

Which specific memberships does EEX offer for admission to individual markets and products?


Admission forms

Which admission forms have to be filled in?