Policy Newsletter

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the central exchange trading platform for power, gas, CO certificates, coal and related products in Europe. Our markets directly reflect political and regulatory decisions. This applies, in particular, with regard to the prices which are established as a result of supply and demand, and are published and, therefore, have a far-reaching reference effect. As a result, exchange trading on EEX safeguards price transparency throughout Europe.

Against this backdrop,we want to try and use this policy newsletter to build a bridge between Berlin and Brussels, between the German energy turnaround and the 2030 framework for climate and energy policy in Europe.

This newsletter is specifically intended for those working in the political and regulatory spheres.

Aims of the Policy Newsletter:

  1. In every issue we want to concentrate on specific points and to introduce analyses and positions being taken on selected energy policy subjects – including giving an overview of the current EEX standpoints.
  2. In addition, one specific aspect of energy trading will be selected and explained in more detail under the heading "What is what?”.

Would you like to receive the EEX Policy Newsletter on a regular basis? Please write an e-mail to political.communications@eex.com.

Policy Newsletters

30/08/2017 Issue 2/2017 (490 KB) PDF
03/02/2017 Issue 1/2017 (232 KB) PDF
22/07/2016 Issue 1/2016 (306 KB) PDF
24/11/2015 Issue 3/2015 (448 KB) PDF
22/07/2015 Issue 2/2015 (462 KB) PDF
22/05/2015 Issue 1/2015 (502 KB) PDF
17/12/2014 Issue 3/2014 (372 KB) PDF
30/06/2014 Issue 2/2014 (1 MB) PDF
26/03/2014 Issue 1/2014 (430 KB) PDF