EEX trading results for December 2018

EEX trading results for December 2018

EEX quadruples trading volumes on EUA secondary market

In December 2018, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) increased volumes on its power derivatives markets by 17% to 273.7 TWh (December 2017: 234.5 TWh). In power futures for Germany (Phelix-DE), at 159.1 TWh, trading volumes more than doubled compared to the previous year (December 2017: 72.9 TWh). Trading volumes in Austrian power futures (Phelix-AT) which have increased continuously and significantly since July 2018, reached a new record of 5.8 TWh. As a result, also the Phelix-AT contract has successfully established itself in the market and is increasingly used for hedging purposes. On the Dutch power market, trading volumes increased by 24% to 2.3 TWh (December 2017: 1.8 TWh).

The December volume comprised 143.2 TWh traded at EEX via Trade Registration with subsequent clearing. Clearing and settlement of all exchange transactions was executed by European Commodity Clearing (ECC).

Emission Allowances

On the EEX markets for emission allowances, the total trading volume almost doubled to 114.5 million tonnes of CO2 in December (December 2017: 65.6 million tonnes of CO2). This development was mainly driven by a significant increase in volumes on the EUA secondary market: In total, volumes on the spot market as well as in futures and options increased almost 4-fold to
81.6 million tonnes of CO2 (December 2017: 20.5 million tonnes of CO2). The total volume comprised 33.0 million tonnes of CO2 from primary market auctions.

Agricultural Products

Throughout December, trading volumes in agricultural products amounted to 3,294 contracts (December 2017: 3,778 contracts). In the dairy segment, the volume reached 2,456 contracts
(equal to 12,280 tonnes). In processing potatoes, volumes amounted to 838 contracts (equal to
20,950 tonnes).

Global Commodities

In freight futures which are available for trade registration, EEX volumes reached 2,095 contracts in December (December 2017: 2,455 contracts).

New Participants

In December, EEX admitted Alperia Trading SRL (Bolzano), Roma Gas & Power S.p.A. (Rome) and SONCE energija obnovljivi viri d.o.o. (Ljubljana) as new trading participants. On the spot market for emission allowances, the membership of Consorzio Toscana Energia S.p.A (Lucca) was extended to secondary trading while Axpo Italia S.P.A. (Genoa) was additionally admitted to primary market auctions. Centrica Energy Limited (Windsor), J.P. Morgan AG (Frankfurt/Main) and Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH (Hamburg) were additionally admitted to trading UK Power Futures.

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