CEZ completes second stage of data provision

CEZ completes second stage of data provision

Since 20 March 2015, CEZ publishes insider information on the capacity, use and non-usability of facilities for the production of power and on natural gas consumption in the framework of the standard established at EEX.

To this end, new data messages regarding the consumption of natural gas were set up by CEZ. Publication will be effected for an installed thermal output of 1,621 MW. With the provision of data EEX expands the platform with the segment of natural gas consumption in the Czech Republic which is now available in addition to Austria and Germany.

In the field of power generation, data on the planned and actual generation is provided in addition to the current publications. The installed capacity of the power generation units for which reports are submitted is 11,449 MW.

As a result, phase 2 – in the context of which CEZ reports all the insider information regarding its units in the Czech Republic via the EEX transparency platform – has now been completed. The first phase was concluded on 13th January.

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