Transparency in Energy Markets

"If you want to understand the interaction between conventional and renewable sources of energy today, the EEX transparency platform is an absolute business imperative."

Daniel Wragge, Head of Political Communications

What is "Transparency in Energy Markets" ?

 “Transparency in Energy Markets” ( is the neutral platform for energy market data which fulfils the statutory publication requirements and implements the market participants’ voluntary commitments. The transparency platform for energy and consumption data is based on a co-operation between EEX and the four German transmission system operators – 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Amprion GmbH, TenneT TSO GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH – as well as the Austrian transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid AG. The platform is being developed in co-operation with the following associations; Oesterreichs Energie, BDEW, VKU, VIK and the German Federal Network Agency as well as the German Federal Ministry of Economics. EEX is responsible for the operation of the platform which comprises the verification, anonymisation, aggregation and publication of the data reported, in addition to supporting the reporting companies and users.

What information is provided on the platform?

More than 45 reporting companies

Statutory publication requirements of the transmission system operators from Germany and Austria regarding the generation and consumption of power are shown on the transparency platform. In addition to these publication requirements, the platforms also offers companies the voluntary publication or publications which these companies have committed to provide regarding data on their power generation.

The quality of the transparency platform and its flexible design enables it to import data reported from other countries in a rapid and straightforward manner.