Powernext Integration into EEX

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has successfully integrated Powernext and Gaspoint Nordic as of 1 January 2020. All required approvals have been received to integrate the natural gas spot and derivatives markets into EEX. The integration also includes registry services, which will now be operated by EEX, apart from the exchange activities.

As a result, customers gain access to increased trading opportunities and a growing liquidity pool, while continuing to benefit from cross margining effects as ECC remains the central counterparty for clearing transactions. At the same time, current Powernext clients are now able to continue trading the natural gas portfolio upon admittance to EEX. Powernext is incorporated into EEX, becoming a Paris based center of expertise, maintaining all stakeholder relations and know-how for natural gas markets and registry services.

This constitutes a significant milestone for the development of the Global Commodity Exchange group with a strong European footprint.

Further Information

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