Market Surveillance

What is Market Surveillance?

The Market Surveillance Office (HÜSt) is an independent and autonomous body of the exchange according to the Exchange Act, which is only subject to instructions by the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport.

Tasks of Market Surveillance

  • Ensures that trading processes and pricing are carried out on a fair and manipulation-free basis.
  • Records all data regarding exchange trading and the settlement of exchange transactions on a daily basis for analyses and required investigation activities. Can be requested to carry out special investigations by the Management Board of the exchange.
  • Carries out special investigations on its own initiative or upon an instruction to this end by the exchange supervisory authority.
  • Reports to the exchange supervisory authority and the Management Board of the exchange on a regular basis or for specific reasons
  • Informs the Exchange Council of its activities at the Exchange Council meetings
  • Supports various national, European and international authorities, in particular, in the fields of exchange and financial market supervision, energy regulation and competition supervision