Exchange Council Election 2018

The Exchange Council is a body of German exchanges. The Exchange Council enacts the rules governing the Exchange and appoints and controls the Management Board. Its members are elected for a period of three years. All trading participants are entitled to vote.

The election takes place on 30 May 2018. Candidates can by nominated until 15 April 2018.

The composition of the Exchange Council and the procedure of the election are governed by the Saxon Exchange Law Implementation Ordinance Sächsischen Börsenrechtsdurchführungsverordnung (SächsBörsDVO).

The following documents regarding the Exchange Council elections are available for download:


20/02/2018 Bulletin 1: Exchange Council Election - announcement election committee (46 KB) PDF
20/02/2018 Bulletin 2: Exchange Council Election 2018 - Overview (138 KB) PDF
14/03/2018 Exchange council election 2018: Bullettin No 3a - Announcement of the election day, Voting groups and distribution of seats, Preliminary register of voters, Request to submit nominations (103 KB) PDF
08/03/2018 Exchange council election 2018: Bullettin No 3a, Annex - Declaration of fulfilment of requirements for (prospective) Exchange Council members of the European Energy Exchange (23 KB) PDF
19/03/2018 Exchange Council Election 2018: Bulletin No 3b - Preliminary Register of Voters (142 KB) PDF