Iris Weidinger - Chief Financial Officer (EEX AG)

In 1999, I got to know EEX as a project in its infancy, initially as the head of audit. However, I soon became very enthusiastic about it, so much so that I wanted to move to the "other side" of the project and make an active contribution to its successful implementation - as an employee of EEX.

Since joining EEX in 2000, we have made tremendous progress, which I still find impressive, combined with an ever growing team. We have not only expanded our product and service offering in line with the market, but as an evolving organisation we have also come a long way. Of course, we are pleased that we are being perceived as a competent and reliable partner in a European environment and, increasingly, even beyond Europe. But I am also proud of the fact that WE are so much more than this. We have managed ever more to give real meaning to terms like "internationalisation", "diversity" and "changes in values". We believe that we have found the right meanings for these concepts within the EEX Group.

In today’s world, diversity is an important factor for success, in particular, for service providers. And, in this context, I am not only thinking of a good mixture between male and female as well as young and older employees. I also mean diversity in terms of individual backgrounds, personal education and careers. We readily give young professionals, women and part-time employees leadership and management responsibility. As the member of the Management Board having responsibility for human resources, I take a particular personal interest in making sure that we actively meet the requirements of the large number of our very different employees - who have all received excellent training, are creative and have such a high degree of commitment to their work. In my opinion, the control variables which are needed for this comprise the following; the promotion of individual development, giving employees responsibility, facilitating respectful interaction and making adjustments relevant to the individual situations occurring in the lives of our staff.