Registry Services

EEX Group has always been providing services to the electricity industry: algorithmic trading software for balancing and market coupling services, auction platforms but also registry services. In that field, EEX Group has developed a solid and recognized expertise.

Under appointment from the French State, EEX* has been operating the registry for Guarantees of Origin in France for seven years and has organized the auctioning of Guarantees of Origin produced by the French power plants benefiting from a support mechanism since September 2019. EEX has also been appointed as registry operator for energy savings certificates by the French Ministry and operates the registry for Capacity Certificates for RTE, the French power Transmission System Operator.

Grexel Systems is the leading provider for energy certificate registries in Europe. Grexel provides registry services for power Guarantees of Origin in 11 countries in Europe and for Biomethane Guarantees of Origin in 4 countries. Furthermore, Grexel operates the Pan-European Hydrogen certificate registry (Hydrogen) and registries for CO2 (Puro – incl. Auctions, GECCO). Quarterly power Guarantees of Origin Auctions are carried out for Luxembourg.

*Powernext was integrated into EEX on 1st January 2020.

E-Mail: information@powernext.com
Phone: + 33 (1) 73 03 96 26
Website: www.powernext.com/registry-services

E-Mail: info@grexel.com
Phone: +35 89 4241 3160
Website: www.grexel.com/services/registry-services

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