EEX Kundeninformation - EEX to introduce next T7 release (11.0) on 21 November 2022

    Dear trading participant,

    EEX will update its Derivatives Trading System Eurex T7 to version 11.0 on 21 November 2022, in line with the Eurex Exchanges’ release cycle. In the framework of the release, interface changes will take place and technical enhancements are introduced which are described in more detail in the Eurex system documentation.
    Please note, that also clearing members at ECC will be able to assign pre trade risk limits for EEX option products (as this is already the case for future products) for their non clearing members via the T7 Clearer GUI.

    Together with the respective providers, EEX will ensure the compatibility of the supported trading front-ends Trayport Joule© and EEX TT Screen.

    Important dates: 

    • Availabilty in Simulation: already available
    • Connection Test: 19 November 2022
    • Production Start: 21 November 2022

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have questions.

    Yours sincerely,

    EEX Market Operations
    T +49 341 2156-222