Action Required - New fields in Non-Usability Messages and Changes in the ad hoc Ticker Length

    As of 17 November 2021 additional information will be included in the EEX Group Transparency Power Products, namely the ACER Codes, EIC and the Capacity Intervals.

    These new features add further quality to our EEX Group Transparency Power data by providing new ways to identify each market participant, each asset and providing further granularity to the reported power non-usabilities. 

    ACER Codes
    The European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) provides each registered market participants an identifier. 

    Energy Identification Codes (EIC)
    The EIC is provided by the local issuing office i.e. the Transmission System Operators (TSO) and centrally managed by European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). EIC is a unique identifier of a generation, consumption or storage unit. 

    Non-Usability Intervals
    The available/unavailable capacity can be constant over time. If the available/unavailable capacity fluctuates over time, the reporting company has the possibility to submit a non-available capacity interval series. That means for each , the reporting company has the possibility to add one or more fields to split the event into segments with varying non-available capacity values. 

    Ad-hoc Ticker  
    Last but not least, please also note that the maximum length for the ad-hoc ticker will be extended to 1000 characters (before: 500).

    Attached you will find two examples on how the new sFTPfiles and calls will look like (pre-final). Please note that those examples may be subject to changes. 

    The Transparency data specifications for the sFTP and for the API will contain all latest information on the changes that will affect the EEX Group Transparency Products.

    Affected applications:

    • EEX Group DataSource DesktopApp
    • EEX Group DataSource ExcelTool
    • EEX Group DataSource Transparency Power API
    • EEX Group DataSource sFTP

    Affected Files and Calls 
    API (JSON & XML)

    DataSource sFTP 

    • /*

    Please do not hesitate to refer to the technical specifications on our website or to contact EEX Market Data Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.


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