EEX Pressemitteilung - EEX: Vertrag als deutsche Auktions-plattform für Emissionsrechte bis 2018 verlängert

    Leipzig, 26 May 2016. The contract for the European Energy Exchange (EEX) as themauction platform for CO2 emission allowances of the Federal Republic of Germany has been extended by the German Federal Environment Agency for another two years.

    In 2013, EEX was awarded the contract for the execution of the German CO2 auctions as definitive auction platform. In this capacity, EEX conducts auctions of emission allowances for the third EU-ETS trading period on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany for a period of three years. The Federal Environment Agency has now exercised the option to extend the contract for another two years. Thus, German auctions will be conducted at EEX until mid-November 2018.

    “We are pleased about the trust which the German authorities place in us and areworking to continue our successful cooperation and offer our participants a reliable and efficient auction platform”, says Peter Reitz, Chief Executive Officer of EEX.

    The German auctions of emission allowances are always held on Fridays, with the bidding window open from 9:00 am until 11:00 am (CET). In the current third trading period around 545 million emission allowances (EUAs, EUAAs) have been auctioned off in 170 single auctions on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    In addition, EEX also carries out the transitional auctions on behalf of the European Commission and the 25 EU member states taking part as well as Poland. According to provisional calculations by the European Commission, a volume of 655 million emission allowances will be auctioned via the spot market of the exchange in 2016 – this corresponds to more than 85% of the emission allowances issued through primary market auctions in Europe.

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