Action Required – Introduction of Future Styled Options to EEX Power derivatives

    On February 15th 2021 EEX will introduce Future Styled Options to the EEX Power derivatives market. In the case of Future Styled Emission Options, the payment of the option premium is not made by a one-time payment after the purchase of the option, but only when the option expires or is exercised. During the holding period, a daily settlement of the change in the option premium will take place in accordance with the Clearing Conditions of ECC AG.  

    The following applications are affected:

    • EEX Group DataSource sFTP
    • EEX Group DataSource Desktop App
    • EEX Group DataSource Excel Tools


    For the Future Style Options the following new files will be available:

    • FutureStylePowerOptionResults_DE_YYYYMMDD.csv             market_data/power/de/derivatives/csv/YYYY/YYYYMMDD
    • FutureStylePowerOptionResults_ES_YYYYMMDD.csv             market_data/power/es/derivatives/csv/YYYY/YYYYMMDD
    • FutureStylePowerOptionResults_FR_YYYYMMDD.csv             market_data/power/fr/derivatives/csv/YYYY/YYYYMMDD
    • FutureStylePowerOptionResults_IT_YYYYMMDD.csv               market_data/power/it/derivatives/csv/YYYY/YYYYMMDD
    • FutureStylePowerOptionHistory_DE_YYYYMM.xlsx             market_data/power/de/derivatives/xlsx/YYYY
    • FutureStylePowerOptionHistory_ES_YYYYMM.xlsx             market_data/power/es/derivatives/xlsx/YYYY
    • FutureStylePowerOptionHistory_FR_YYYYMM.xlsx             market_data/power/fr/derivatives/xlsx/YYYY
    • FutureStylePowerOptionHistory_IT_YYYYMM.xlsx               market_data/power/it/derivatives/xlsx/YYYY


    Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Market Data Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.