Real success comes by building our markets together

    I’m very happy to welcome you to the new EEX Natural Gas Newsletter where we will share all our latest news and achievements in Natural Gas. Of course, when I say "our", I mean both ours and yours! Whether it is be successful introduction of our Gas contracts in the brand-new Trading Hub Europe (THE), or the growing interest in our latest EGSI Futures, the progress we have made in 2021 would not be possible without your trust and support. As many of you may know, here at EEX, we firmly believe that real success comes by building our markets together with our customers and partners and I am happy to say that looking at recent developments in our Gas markets, we seem to be following the right strategy!

    In the first trading months of our EGSI Futures, we saw close to 100 members being admitted, with 50 of them already active in the orderbook on a regular basis and more than 35 members actively trading. Further details on EGSI Futures are included in a dedicated article below.

    More recently, on 1 October, we registered our first trades on the new German gas market THE. This newsletter features a video in which Aude Filippi, our Director of Business Development for Natural Gas and Sustainability markets, and Tim Greenwood, our new Sales Director for Gas, will guide you through the main changes and opportunities the new nationwide German market area can provides for the Gas trading community.

    Until next time, 

    Steffen Köhler, COO of EEX


    On Friday 1 October, EEX successfully introduced its Gas contracts on the Trading Hub Europe, the new nationwide German Gas market area. EEX now offers both Financial Gas Futures (EGSI Futures) and Physical Gas Futures for the new THE market area. On the THE Spot market, trading participants can also trade 13 new zonal gas quality-specific products. What does the merger mean for EEX Gas customers? What benefits can you expect? In our latest “GasTalk” video, Aude Filippi, Director of Business Development for Natural Gas and Sustainability Markets, and Tim Greenwood, Sales Director for Natural Gas, discuss the merger in detail.  


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    5 reasons to trade EGSI Futures

    On 28 June, EEX successfully launched Financial Gas Futures on TTF, THE and CEGH. These new futures are cash-settled against the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI) and cover the whole curve from short- to longer- term maturities. At the same time, Sparks Spreads in several combinations were introduced. Especially in the current highly volatile markets, members trading EEX Spark Spreads can benefit from guaranteed price and volume execution without the risk of an open opposite Power or Gas position. Overall, EGSI Futures are easy to trade. Here are the 5 reasons why:

    1. EGSI is the N°1 benchmark for Natural Gas in Europe: your cash settlement is against the most robust Gas Spot Index

    2. The EGSI Futures do not need any physical arrangements: be active in the liquid and volatile gas markets without any balancing, shippers agreements and risk of physical delivery

    3. EGSI Futures include a wide range of maturities, introducing Daily, Weekend and Weekly contracts: you can trade during the full delivery month

    4. Trading the EGSI futures is included in all EEX membership packages: free of charge until 31 December 2022

    5. Benefit from special fee conditions: EGSI initiators deals are free of charge until 31 July 2022. When trading the Spark Spread, no fees apply on the EGSI leg




    EEX is offering its long-standing physical customer base an exclusive fee holiday for TTF options! Running since 1 September 2021, the fee waiver concerns EEX Natural Gas Options on the Dutch TTF, for which no Exchange or Clearing fees will be applied. The latter fees will be waived until 28 February 2022.

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