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    Welcome to the 1st edition of Data Insights - a new newsletter brought to you by the Market Data Services team here at EEX.

    Over the past 20 years, EEX has grown its commodities business substantially and is now seen as one of the world’s most successful commodity exchanges – increasing its product range, trading volumes and of course, its number of trading participants.

    As new markets open up and new trading products are developed, the Market Data Services team here at EEX have expanded their offering in tandem by providing numerous data platforms which not only support our customers in their everyday decision making but also help them comply with ongoing regulatory changes.

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    DataSource Desktop App – Making Complex Data Simple

    Having launched in 2019, the EEX Group DataSource Desktop App combines data from the full EEX Group portfolio of commodities in addition to providing transparency data from the EEX Transparency Platform.

    The EEX Group DataSource Desktop App allows users to easily track and analyse real-time and historical market data using dynamic commodity charting software with an extensive library of over 70 technical indicators as well as real-time quotes display and forward curve constructions.

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    In a nutshell, the EEX Group Desktop App helps customers by:

    • Analysing real-time and historical market data
    • Developing and consulting of business strategies
    • Presenting business areas
    • Using prices as a component of price escalation clauses or indices
    • Including price calculation used for customer contracts
    • Displaying data in newsletters and websites


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    EEX Transparency Platform – Greater Market Coverage in Renewables

    The EEX Transparency Platform is continuously connecting market participants from all over Europe.

    We were delighted to see that BayWa r.e. Energy Trading GmbH, a leading global provider of renewable energy solutions, has recently begun the regular publication of inside information regarding the capacity and availability of its power plants on our platform – Welcome!

    The facilities reported cover renewables including biomass, solar, wind onshore and wind offshore in Germany with an installed capacity of ca. 4 GW.

    We’d also like to welcome our new members from Spain, Italy, Romania and Sweden that have also successfully connected to the platform in recent months.

    For Spain and Italy, forecast and realised wind and solar power generation is now available via API. Transparency is also moving forward in Romania for hydro and wind onshore. Last but not least we have taken our first steps in Scandinavia with wind onshore data for Sweden now being available.

    Finally, in order to be able to provide our customers with a wide range of renewable data, we have expanded our relationship with EuroWind. Customers can now gain access to forecast data as well as real generation solar and wind data for Great Britain and The Netherlands via API. Updates are available more often than TSO data usually provide.

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    InsightCommodity – Our Digital Community for Commodities

    Let’s face it: Online platforms and digital marketplaces have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives – why? The answer is simple - digital platforms (like InsightCommodity) create structure, enable scale effects and simplify market access. But InsightCommodity is different … Not only does it perform the everyday functionalities you would expect, but it also provides a community for the commodity sector of EEX Group trading participants, especially if you are a smaller company or a start-up.

    What can our public users expect?

    • Access to our community – Networking is everything! Get in touch with the experts.
    • All in one place – Discover our wide range of products around the commodity markets.
    • News - Stay up to date about new products and providers on the market.

    What can our partner vendors expect?

    • Access to our marketplace – We promote your business effectively & permanently - 24/7 | 365.
    • Search Engine Advertisements – We make our partners present in the search engines.
    • Social Media Marketing – We support our partners via social media channels.

    In the last quarter, we were able to welcome 5 new partners to InsightCommodity. Welcome on board, guys!

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