Global Commodities Newsletter | November 2020
    London, Singapore

    “Driving Freight Forward” at Reuters Commodity Summit

    Earlier this month, EEX Group were very proud to partner with Reuters Events for this years’ annual Commodity Trading Summit. As part of the two day digital event, senior members of the Global Commodities team including Richard Heath (EEX) and Ray Zhi Rui Ang (EEX Asia) participated in a very special panel discussion which focused on the roadmap for future growth in the global Dry Bulk Freight (FFA) market.

    For the first time ever, key industry figures, including John Banaszkiewicz (Freight Investor Services), William Chin (SGX) and Mark Jackson (The Baltic Exchange) came together to discuss the current state of the Dry Freight market and explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as we move into the next decade.

    Over 2,000 delegates attended the high level discussion however, if you didn’t get a chance to attend on the day itself, fear not! Just click on the link below.

    > Watch the Driving Freight Forward panel discussion

    Maritime Fuels – Moving onto the radar once more

    A wise man once said; “No man is an island”. In 2020, this maxim could also be applied to EEX’ freight markets. As the leading marketplace for freight derivatives, our clients are collectively exposed to numerous risks – and at the forefront, millions of tonnes of fuel oil – inarguably the largest variable cost of seaborne freight.

    In our latest Market Insights, Erlend Engelstad revisits the maritime fuels market, almost a year on from the watershed regulations implemented by IMO and examines how this new landscape impacts our freight clients.

    > Read the full Market Insights

    Trading just got easier…

    The Cleartech Portal is in many respects, the gateway to EEX Group’s Global Commodities business. As part of our customer commitment to make trading easier and more efficient, the portal carries out a number of key functionalities in addition to offering a significant range of added value services.

    Last month (October), we held the first in a series of online demonstrations which aim to simplify our clients’ everyday trading experience. The first “Demo” focused on the MiFID position tracking function which is available via the Cleartech Portal and outlined how our customers can utilize the tracking function to determine their estimated net futures and delta adjusted positions vs MiFID limits. If you didn’t get the chance to see the demo on the day or you’d like to watch again, simply click on the picture right next to this text.

    The next demo will take place on 18th December and will profile the functionalities of our new Options Pricer which will enable our customers to price call or put options on months, quarters, calendar years or bespoke strips, using either the standard Blacks 76 pricing model or including Turnbull and Wakeman’s adjustment.

    The session will last 20 minutes approximately and will be followed by a short Q&A.

    > For further information on the Options Pricer Demo, please email Claudia Gerotto

    Notice: To activate the video, please click on the picture. Please note that after activation your data will be forwarded to YouTube.

    Talking OTC Commodities - Top 10 on iTunes

    The champagne corks were well and truly “popped” when we got the news that our podcast series “Talking OTC Commodities” had recently made it into the Top 10 Best Business and Commodities based podcasts chart on iTunes! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far.

    Created by the Global Commodities team in September 2019, the podcast series has now gained more than 2,000 subscribers and features a library of podcasts dedicated to all things “GC” including our most recent episode which focuses on the role that Biomass continues to play as part of the energy transition.

    In the episode (Episode 7), EEX’ Robert Seehawer is joined by experts from Enviva (the World’s biggest wood pellet producer) and Orsted (the World’s most sustainable company in 2020) to examine why Biomass is often criticized in the media and what type of market is required to unlock Biomass’ potential as a commodity.

    To subscribe to Talking OTC Commodities, just click on the link below and don’t forget to check out our next podcast which drops in early December. Hosted by EEX Asia’s Erlend Engelstad, Episode 9 will explore what the future holds for Maritime Fuels post IMO 2020.

    > Subscribe to Talking OTC Commodities

    A Star is Born

    There were further celebrations in Global Commodities on the news that EEX Asia’s Ray Ang Zhi Rui won the coveted “Rising Star of the Year 2020” Award at this years’ Asia Capital Market Awards.    Organized by FOW Global Investor Group, the awards acknowledge the key achievements and players in the Asian commodities space.

    A founding member of EEX Asia (formerly known as Cleartrade Exchange), Ray was appointed CEO in January this year after four years as Chief Operating Officer and six years as Operations Director. Congratulations Ray! Hopefully it won’t be too long before the GC team can celebrate together with you in person.

    > Further information on FOW Global Investor - Asia Capital Markets Awards