Reporting Services & Fees

The EEX Transparency Platform is an effective solution for the timely disclosure and forwarding of business and facility inside information in compliance with REMIT, EU Transparency Regulation and MAR. 

With our services we help you to fulfil all your regulatory requirements.

Subscribe to our services and we will:

  • disclose and forward your inside information in compliance with REMIT and MAR,
  • forward this inside information to further authorities on demand,
  • actively distribute your data to relevant media via our Push Service.

Additional Services

Data forwarding to ENTSO-E

  • EEX is an approved data provider of ENTSO-E regarding EU Transparency Regulation 543/2013 article 4.2.
  • data forwarding in respect of the installed capacity, actual generation and information relating to the unavailability of generation, production and consumption units

EEX Online Tool for Reporting of Business Inside Information

  • publication via  Ad-hoc Ticker.
  • compliant with REMIT and MAR

EEX Online Tool as Backup

The EEX Online Tool is the reporting tool for customers without physical facilities, and is used for the transmission of business inside information.

However, it can be used as an additional backup solution for customers with facilities:

  • emergency tool in case of customers reporting system failure
  • transmission of inside information via text messages
  • secure and certificate-based browser solution offering simple access

Contract and Fees

In order to use the EEX Transparency Platform, please contact the EEX Transparency Support team to set up the standard data delivery contract.

Prices vary depending on services purchased*:

REMIT Reporting

Data publication on EEX Transparency Platform and forwarding to ACER

Tiered pricing starting at € 200 per month.


Data forwarding according to EU Transparency Regulation

Tiered pricing starting at € 200 per month.

EEX Online Tool

Reporting of business inside information


€ 175 per month


€ 175 per month

For further details, please download the EEX price list.

* Only the respective current price list is legally binding.


31/03/2020 Data Delivery Contract v2.1.10 and Annexes (English) (0.9 MB) ZIP
30/09/2019 Data Delivery Contract v2.1.9 and Annexes (German) (0.9 MB) ZIP