Power Spot Market

The power spot markets for Germany/Austria, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland are operated by EPEX SPOT, which was established as a joint-venture between EEX and the French Powernext.  EPEX SPOT is based in Paris, with offices in Bern, Leipzig, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Vienna.

EPEX SPOT Power Spot Market

  • Short-term optimisation of procurement and sale up to 30 minutes before delivery.
  • Secure and professional settlement of transactions – legally, technically and financially.
  • Standardised products support the integration of renewable energies in the power market.
  • Close co-operation with major Transmission System Operators (TSOs) ensures reliable physical fulfilment.


  • Day-Ahead Auction | Germany/Austria, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland
  • Intraday | Germany/Austria, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland

New: EPEX Capacity Auctions
Following the introduction of a capacity mechanism in France, EPEX SPOT set up an organised market for auctions for French capacity guarantees.
The first auction was held in December 2016.

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