Power Spot Market

The power spot markets for Germany/Austria, France and Switzerland are operated by EPEX SPOT, which was established as a joint-venture between EEX and the French Powernext.  EPEX SPOT is based in Paris, with offices in Bern, Leipzig and Vienna.

EPEX SPOT Power Spot Market

  • 365 Days a year 24/7 the next day.
  • The integration of the European power spot markets constitutes the core objective and the expertise of EPEX SPOT.
  • Trades are physically fulfilled either on the same day (intraday) or the next day (day-ahead).
  • The spot market ensures the short-term optimisation of procurement and sale.
  • Secure and professional settlement of transactions – legally, technically and financially.
  • The standardised products support the integration of renewable energies in the power market.
  • Phelix: the reference price in the European wholesale power market is calculated and published every day as an index quantifying the delivery of base load power (base) and the delivery of peak load power (peak) in the German/ Austrian market.


  • Day-Ahead Auction | Germany/Austria/Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland
  • Intraday Continuous | Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg
  • Intraday Auction | Germany

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