Power Derivatives Market

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The power derivatives market is operated by EEX Power Derivatives GmbH.


Advantages of Trading Power at EEX

  • EEX offers access to the most liquid financial power future in Europe – the Phelix Future.
  • The derivatives market facilitates medium- to long-term portfolio optimisation.
  • Market participants can hedge against risks of price changes up to six years in advance.
  • Standard maturities include Month, Quarter and Year Futures. In addition, weekly maturities are offered for French, Italian and Spanish Futures. Phelix Futures can also be traded as Day, Weekend and Week Futures.
  • Exchange trading and Trade Registration is available from 8 am to 6 pm CET.

New: EEX will offer additional power products on the derivatives market which will be listed on a new trading platform (‘non-MTF’ platform). These products will be launched in the second quarter of 2016 alongside the existing power futures and will be cleared by ECC, thereby ensuring that trading is secure and anonymous. Additionally, the new products can be physically settled and are therefore not financial instruments according to MiFID. Once MiFID II comes into effect, these products shall be listed on an OTF platform.

Power Futures

Financial and physical futures on energy and energy related products can be traded.

  • Belgian Future

  • Dutch Future

  • French Future

  • German Intraday Cap Future

  • Greek Base Future (Trade Registration)

  • Italian Future

  • Nordic Base Future

  • Phelix Future

  • Romanian Base Future (Trade Registration)

  • Spanish Base Future

  • Swiss Base Future

  • UK Future

  • Wind Power Future

Power Options

EEX offers European power options on financially settled Base Month, Base Quarter and Base Year Futures for exchange trading and trade registration.

  • Phelix Options

  • French Base Options

  • Italian Base Options

  • Nordic Base Options

  • Spanish Base Options

Power Spreads

EEX offers location spread products with guaranteed execution for selected financially settled power futures. The spreads enable trading participants to efficiently trade the price differences between these delivery areas.

  • Spreads