Central and South-Eastern European Power - Expanding into Eastern Europe

EEX's offering for the Eastern-European power markets comprises Europeanpower futures for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. In 2017, EEX has migrated these products from Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) onto its platform. With this step, EEX enabled further customers to access these markets and, therefore, extended the network of participants. As a result, trading volumes in these markets increased rapidly.

New power markets to come: Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia

In 2019, EEX will further extend its product range for the Central and South-Eastern European power market with power futures for Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia. At the beginning, all products will be offered with weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly maturities.

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Our partners for the Central South Eastern-European Power Markets

All power futures products for the Eastern-European markets are based on reliable indices provided by our partners.