Power Derivatives Market

The EEX derivatives market facilitates medium to long-term portfolio optimisation and comprises a large range of power products for the main European markets. Location spreads can be traded between connected market areas. In addition, participants can register over-the-counter transactions. We continuously extend our offering on the power derivatives market in close cooperation with market participants and in line with our overall business strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Access to the most liquid financial power future contract in Europe – the Phelix-DE Future
  • Standard (Month, Quarter and Year) as well as short-term maturities (Day, Weekend and Week Futures) available for trading
  • Exchange trading and Trade Registration services for major European markets as well as trading of price differences (spreads) between these markets
  • Exchange trading and Trade Registration are available from 8am to 6pm CET
  • Regional offices for local support for all major European power markets

Power Trading in Detail

Power Futures

Cash-settled future contracts for 17 market areas across Europe. > more

Phelix-DE Futures

The benchmark contract for European power trading. > more

Physical Fulfillment

Benefit from Physical Fulfillments of your positions via the spot market of EPEX Spot. > more

Power Options

European-styled options on financial EEX futures for exchange trading and trade registration. > more

Power Spreads

Location spread products with guaranteed execution for selected financially settled power futures. > more

OTF Products

Cash- and physically fulfilled future contracts on the EEX OTF Market. > more

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) – Long-term hedging

Hedge PPA price risks up to six years ahead. > more