Power Derivatives Market

The EEX derivatives market facilitates medium to long-term portfolio optimisation and comprises a large range of power products for the main European markets. Location spreads can be traded between connected market areas. In addition, participants can register over-the-counter transactions. We continuously extend our offering on the power derivatives market in close cooperation with market participants and in line with our overall business strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Access to the most liquid financial power future contract in Europe – the Phelix-DE Future
  • Standard (Month, Quarter and Year) as well as short-term maturities (Day, Weekend and Week Futures) available for trading
  • Exchange trading and Trade Registration services for major European markets as well as trading of price differences (spreads) between these markets
  • Exchange trading and Trade Registration are available from 8am to 6pm CET
  • Regional offices for local support for all major European power markets

Cash-settled future contracts for 17 market areas across Europe

Power Futures Overview

  • Belgian Future

  • Czech Future

  • Dutch Future

  • French Future

  • German Intraday Cap/Floor Future

  • Greek Base Future (Trade Registration)

  • Hungarian Future

  • Italian Future

  • Nordic Base Future

  • Phelix-AT Future

  • Phelix-DE Future

  • Phelix DE/AT Future

  • Polish Future

  • Romanian Future

  • Slovakian Future

  • Slovakian Physical Future

  • Spanish Base Future

  • Swiss Base Future

  • UK Future

  • Wind Power Future

Power Options

EEX offers European-styled options on financially settled Base Month, Base Quarter and Base Year Futures for exchange trading and trade registration in order to provide further trading opportunities to its customer base.

  • Phelix-DE Options

  • Phelix-DE/AT Options

  • French Base Options

  • Italian Base Options

  • Spanish Base Options

Power Spreads

EEX offers location spread products with guaranteed execution for selected financially settled power futures. The spreads enable trading participants to efficiently trade the price differences between these delivery areas.

  • Spreads