“Our Trade Registration service for Dry Bulk Freight Futures provides our clients with a powerful instrument to hedge against price fluctuations. The daily adjusted initial margin reflects volatility and enables real time, accurate risk management. Additionally, our STP solution provides immediate trade reconciliation with greater efficiencies for all market participants.”

Thomas Schmitz, Head of Sales Freight, Coal, Clearing & ISVs

Dry Bulk Freight Futures

The EEX Trade Registration service provides the shipping and cargo industry with a legal framework that allows for the registering of trades in dry bulk freight derivatives under the rule book of a regulated market in Europe.

The market price for dry bulk freight has experienced huge fluctuations in the past. Trade Registration at EEX is an efficient instrument to hedge with security against price fluctuations in this volatile market.

Additionally, clients benefit from fast and efficient clearing services of European Commodity Clearing (ECC), including EMIR trade reporting. Significant cost advantages be achieved through cross-margining of power, coal and freight products.

Advantages for traders

  • Access to over 250 potential counterparties worldwide
  • Competitive Trade Registration fees
  • Cash settlement against the market benchmarks (BFI)as published by The Baltic Exchange
  • Daily adjusted initial margin calculation reflecting changes in market volatility
  • Fast and reliable Straight-Through Processing (STP) for Trade Registration via EFETnet Clearing Registration Service (“eXRP”), Cleartrade (CLTX),Trading Portal and Trayport® “Hosted Clearing Link” and Trigonal “Trade Manager”
  • As a regulated market, EEX enables the registration and clearing of FFAs as futures contracts
  • Registered trades will not be considered under the EMIR clearing threshold
  • Cross-margining benefits with natural gas, power and other products cleared by ECC

Access to EEX Freight

  • Choose an ECC Clearing Member that is able to take up trades from the brokers on your behalf.
  • Start Trade Registration the moment your account is open.
  • Existing members only need to inform their Clearing Member of their interest to trade EEX Freight and set up new traders if required.

Trade Registration Hours

Trade Registration hours for Freight Futures and Options are between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm CET.

Freight Products

  • EEX Freight Futures

  • EEX Freight Options