"EEX has established itself as the leading auction platform for emission allowances in the EU ETS. We offer spot trading and the full forward curve as well as all related spread products on the secondary market to meet market demand."

Christian Fleischer, Key Account Manager Power & Environmental Markets

Secondary Market Enhancements

  • Market makers: New market makers quote both EEX’s Emissions spot & futures market
  • Pricing scheme:
    • No fees are charged to initiators on the future market
    • 50 percent discount if total monthly volume is above 5 mn t
    • Only one leg charged for spot/future spreads
  • Trading frontend: State-of-the-art trading with the EEX TT Screen
  • Products: Full forward curve (incl. monthly and quarterly futures) & related spreads (e.g. spot/future spreads) available

Advantages of trading emission allowances on EEX

  • Access to the emissions trading scheme for EU ETS allowances (EUA, EUAA) and Kyoto credits (CER)
  • Fulfilment of corporate emissions trading commitments and hedging of emission allowance costs
  • Participation in EEX primary market auctions held on behalf of the European Commission/25 EU member states as well as for Germany and Poland


Markets & products

Unique access to emissions auctions on 4 days/week plus continuous trading on one single exchange

Most liquid power market in Europe, closely tied to emissions
ParticipantsStrong client base in emissions markets, including utilities, industrials and financial players alike
Price qualityBest market price ensured by several market makers in both emissions Spot and Futures market
FeesMost competitive fee structure in Europe
Market access

Multiple connectivity solutions, EEX TT Screen and all major ISVs supported (Trayport, Fidessa, FFastfill)

State-of-the-art trading screen with sophisticated trading functionalities
STPEasy straight-through processing

Cost-efficiency through cross-margining, especially valuable when trading emissions alongside power and gas

EUAs accepted as collateral reduce initial margin costs
Customer SupportStrong Customer focus and personal assistance through account managers in London, Paris, Milan, Leipzig

EEX Emissions Trading at a Glance  

EEX has offered trading of emission allowances on the basis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) since 2005. EEX is currently running a secondary market for continuous trading on a Spot and Derivatives basis for EU ETS allowances (EUA, EUAA) and Kyoto credits (CER).

In addition to the secondary market, EEX also conducts large-scale primary auctions of emission allowances on behalf of the European Commission/25 EU member states as well as for Germany and Poland, held up to five days per week. In the context of these auctions, emission allowances are issued to the market participants for the first time.

EEX is committed to strengthening its position in the EU ETS as a trusted auction platform and a competitive secondary market. In addition, EEX aims to create new opportunities for its members in emerging schemes worldwide by engaging in international emissions markets.