Fee waiver for new members

For new members, EEX is waiving membership fees and up to three technical accesses for the first membership year.


Trading Fees

Secondary market – Standard fee structure

Combined trading and clearing fee, in €/lot (1 lot = 1,000 allowances)




Spot & Trade registration

€ 3


€ 2.50

Outrights & Spreads (per leg)

€ 0


€ 3



€ 1.5

(on average)

  • For Options with a premium below 15 ct/EUA only 50 % of the standard fees are charged.
  • No exercise fee will be charged for EUA Options.
  • Delta hedge incentive: Trading fee for delta hedges will be waived.
  • Trades from clients placing bids in the Futures order book (initiators) will be completely free of charge.
  • Only clients hitting a bid („aggressor“) will be charged

Secondary market – Volume rebate programme1

Reduction of the total combined trading & clearing fee


< 5,000 lots/month

≥ 5,000 lots/month

Spot, Futures, Spreads &

Trade Registrierung

Standard fee

- 50%

discount on standard fee

  • 50% discount on total monthly trading volume, if exceeding 5,000 lots/month.
  • All trades on the secondary market are counted for the monthly volume threshold.

1Includes trading activity on the secondary market in any types of instruments (EUA, EUAA, CER), spot & futures, screen-traded & trade registration, initiated & aggressed volumes


Membership Fees

The fees for trading on EEX consists of the annual fees, technical fees and transaction fees.

Type of membership


Fee in € per annum

Full Membership

Trading in all EEX products


Environmental Markets

Trading in emission allowances and participation in trading in Guarantees of Origin


Auction Only

Participation in primary market auctions of EU Emission Allowances on the Spot Market only


View Only

Without trading rights, limited term of three months


Technical Access Fees

The costs for the standard frontend EEX TT Screen amount to 1,800 € per year and trader.

Price List

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